About us

Alessio Cavatore


In the last thirteen years, Origins awards winner Alessio Cavatore has designed or co-designed many wargames, boardgames and online games – titles like Warhammer, 40K, The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, Kings of War, Bolt Action, Fanticide, Deus Vult, Shuuro, Shuuro Wrath of the Elelements, Loka, etc.; not to mention a plethora of expansions and other type of supplements and support material for these systems that is way too long to list here (but you can find out here ).

A few years ago, he has founded River Horse to publish his own games and to collaborate as a consultant with many other well-known publishers in the gaming industry.

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Alberto Giusti


Alberto Giusti has always worked in the internet industry and has founded several companies in the ICT field.

River Horse Games is his opportunity to explore a new business area with his sales and marketing competencies.

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Hugo Pritchard


Hugo Pritchard-Law is a UK based lawyer and, after beginning his career in private practice, has worked as an in house counsel for several companies primarily based in the manufacturing, retail and financial service industries.

River Horse Games gives Hugo an opportunity to broaden his experience in non-legal areas.

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Matthew Walford


Matt served for 10 years in the British Military, earning trainer and senior instructor qualifications. Having planned and taken part in many real 'war games' he excels at working under pressure and planning complex operations with multinational agencies. After project managing several campaigns for various charities, Matt joined River Horse as Operations Manager.

River Horse games allows Matt to exercise his command and control urges, specialising in crowdfunding; he still sometimes speaks in code.

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Rick Priestley


Rick Priestley is the creator of the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 game and universe and worked extensively on various other fantasy and sci-fi miniatures game systems, rulebooks and sourcebooks since. He is also the author of many historical wargames, like Warhammer Ancient Battles and, more recently, Black Powder and Hail Caesar for Warlord Games.

River Horse Games is his opportunity to impart his great wisdom on a team of young whippersnappers who are ready and eager to obey his every command.

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Andy Chambers


Andy Chambers is a veteran writer for the Warhammer 40,000 universe with more than twenty years experience creating games dominated by giant robots, spaceships and dangerous aliens. He worked at Games Workshop as a games designer for three editions of the Warhammer 40,000 miniatures game, as well as titles like Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Necromunda, Space Marine, Titan Legions, Epic, Gorkamorka and Battlefleet Gothic.

More recently Andy moved into the PC gaming world to work on the hit real time strategy game Starcraft 2 by Blizzard Entertainment. Currently Andy is writing novels for Black Library and the Dust Warfare tabletop miniatures rules for Fantasy Flight Games.

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